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fendi apartment

The fendi panel, which gives its name to the project, runs through the entire social area of the apartment, integrating the living room, home theater and dining room. It converts into the entrance doors, access to the kitchen and the bathroom, and becomes the home and bar's shelf. The fendi lacquer appears accompanied by corten metal in details throughout the joinery, and is complemented by a neutral color palette with an emphasis on shades of blue and mustard in the decoration.

The integration of the social area is reinforced by a sideboard in fendi lacquer that surrounds the living room sofa and advances to the dining room, where it receives  a stone top to become the buffet, in addition to corten steel doors at the bottom for storing dishes.

The balcony has an extensive linear bench that integrates the gourmet part of the barbecue with the part of the external home theater, creating a unique living area throughout the environment.


São Paulo




mariana orsi

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