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hall apartment


The floor plan of this apartment was completely redesigned by integrating the social hall with the living room. A toilet was created, teeth were eliminated, giving greater scope to the entire social area.

The balcony was used for the dining room and barbecue, in an unusual and practical way the environment transforms from a formal dinner to a Sunday lunch. The woodworking design brings this versatility to the project, meeting the needs of the residents.

With light colors, few colored elements and lots of wood, sobriety and sophistication are basic concepts of this project. This one that extends to all environments: from the kitchen to the master suite.

In the intimate area, the floor plan was also modified, integrating a bathroom with the bedroom, thus making it possible to have a spacious, bright environment, meeting the needs of  have an office, plenty of closet and a king size bed.


São Paulo




mariana orsi

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