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The concept of this project was to bring industrial elements into a more sophisticated context and that's why we sought to mix wood with cement and black metals. Our customers were looking for a sober result, with few punctual colors and the choice of navy blue was right to take the neutral out of the sameness. 

This 400m2 apartment was completely renovated after the older children have left home. The social area was completely integrated, resulting in an ample space to receive friends and family that has now grown. A wooden gallery reinforces the entrance of the apartment and shelteres the home theater at one end and the bar hidden by folding doors at the other. The view from the 34th floor is highlighted in the environment and can be observed through the telescope installed there.



In this law firm, the main goal was to bring the sophistication that the profession requires with a modern atmosphere that prints the style of the partners. 

We created along the waiting area, the meeting room and also the powder room, a black metal bookcase, mixed with wood and glass, that embraces the entire environment and contrasts with the Roman travertine marble of the flooring and countertops.


This project is called travertine because of the use of this throughout the social area flooring and countertops. We created marble niches embedded in the wooden panels that cover the main wall of the social area with different accesses: the intimate area, the kitchen, the main entrance and the home theater  through  folding doors that can integrate or not the environments.



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