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gallery apartment

This 400m2 apartment was completely renovated after the older children left home. The social area was completely integrated, leaving ample space to receive friends and family that has now grown. A wooden gallery marks the entrance of the apartment and has the home theater at one end and the bar hidden by  folding doors, on the other. The view from the 34th floor is highlighted in the environment and can be observed through the telescope installed there.

In the intimate area, 02 old suites were integrated into the  master suite, in addition to a private room and also an office, beside the male bathroom  and closet and the female bathroom  and closet.

The other 02 suites house a child's bedroom with its closet and the other an office that is also the grandchildren's playroom.

The kitchen is currently under renovation and soon the photos will also be here.


São Paulo




fran parente

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