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Academic Infrastructure Improvement Project Grade

As soon as the school arrives, the use of wood and the large vertical garden invite everyone to enter a modern, lively and welcoming space. Along with these neutral elements, slatted elements were incorporated with variations of red, blue and gray colors, alluding to the school's colors, applied on a wall with textured paint.

Continuing with the slats, in the circulation spaces, wooden panels were created aligned in front of the existing pillars, allowing the creation of niches for living, permanence and rest, using the colors red and blue. The base of the panels was recessed, giving rise to a planter that brings nature into the environment and the lighting is discreetly punctuated between the slats allowing a soft light over the space.

Both classrooms and common areas have their own identity, diversifying learning and leisure spaces, enriching students' daily lives and instilling their curiosity.


São Paulo



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