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core apartment

In this project, the plan of the apartment was all modified for better use and expansion of spaces. We modified the entrance to the apartment, integrated the two existing balconies and condensed all the customer's linen and crockery needs along with the bathroom in a slatted wood core that is the heart of this project.

A large bookcase was designed  from end to end of the living room, integrating the environments and with different uses: Office, home theater and the access door to the intimate area camouflaged between the niches marked by mustard lacquer frames. Color that is repeated throughout the apartment in different ways such as in the kitchen, dressing table in the master suite and basement in the bathroom cabinet, linking the rooms.

The existing pillar in the integration of the living room and balcony was transformed into a volume of vegetation giving entrance to the gourmet area with the dining room and barbecue.


São Paulo




mariana orsi

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