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travertine apartment

This project takes the name travertine by the premise of the customers  in using the marble of the same name throughout the social area of the apartment. we enjoy  of the cladding to create niches embedded in the wooden panels that cover the main wall of the room with different accesses: the intimate area, the kitchen, the main entrance and the home theater  through  shrimp doors that can integrate or not the environments.

Neutral and sober colors with touches of wine and mustard stamp the project, which brings color  also in decorative items and vegetation.

In the master suite, the couple's former bathroom was divided into two smaller ones with a shared shower cubicle, a carved bathtub with indirect lighting that brings a spa air to the environment. Camouflaged bath doors in the closet ensure privacy.

The kitchen with off-white lacquer pantry and wooden touches make the perfect link when moving around the apartment.


São Paulo




Julia Ribeiro

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